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Make prostitution legal says Waterford TD John Halligan – Irish Mirror

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Irish Mirror

Make prostitution legal says Waterford TD John Halligan
Irish Mirror
The Junior Minister said it is “cruel” not to allow the seedy sex trade to be regulated. He added: “Why would we want to fine somebody or make it a criminal offence for two consenting adults to have sex? “Isn't it a natural instinctive reaction to
John Halligan says he would help with assisted suicideIrish Times

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Naked truth is here – and it’s not pretty – Irish Independent

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Irish Independent

Naked truth is here – and it's not pretty
Irish Independent
A good sex life is important and, as anyone with any experience of life will tell you, the best sex in the world is not with the best looking person in the world. It's with the person you fell in love with, and people fall in love for all kinds of

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Reasons why curvy women are preffered for adult pleasure in bed

According to various surveys, men only prefer to have curvy women for their adult pleasure. Some men can have different opinion or thinking as well, but most of them prefer to have curvy womenfor their adult pleasure. You may also wonder or ask why men would have this preference and here I am sharing three reasons with you for that.

Bigger boobs

When they look at a woman, then they always look at her boobs first before checking out her face or rest of the body. Men get really fantastic experience watching curvy women with big boobs. When they get such ladies for their adult pleasure, then they get much better and amazing experience as well in this fun. If you are a man and you get a woman with bigger boobs, then you will have more fun with her for sure. So, you can understand the reason by yourself as well

More cushion

While having an intimate relationship, some extra cushion by your partner’s body can always increase your pleasure. In your intimate or adult relationship with curvy women, you can always have this experience with all of your heart. So, if I prefer these ladies for their adult pleasure because of that extra cushion or comfort feeling then that should not be a wrong statement in anyways.

Better cuddling

Once you are done with the intimate relationship with your partner, you just want to sleep after that tiredness and relaxation. Many guys like to cuddle with their partners while sleeping and curvy women can be a good choice for that. When cuddling with such women then they get the soft and comfortable feeling that increases their pleasure part as well. This better cuddling experience is one more thing because of which adult men like to have curvy women as their partner for such fun.

I can’t enjoy sex with my wife since having an affair at work –

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I'm a married man who's very much in love with his wife. Until recently, we've always enjoyed a good sex life and care deeply for each other. Some months ago I met another woman through work and, following a lot of texting, we ended up having sex. It

Best Foods for Men and Better Sex – DESIblitz


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So, eating wisely and keeping your weight down are important factors for a good sex life as a man. Cut back on fried foods, junk food, processed foods, foods with high-fructose corn syrup and sugary drinks. Sexual performance is also linked with some